Mark Mackenzie Photography | About
Photography is in my blood. Since an early age I have been fascinated by the capture of moments in time. My father too was a photographer, and I grew up in a household buzzing with the excitement of his busy studio. When I was just six, I would help him create wonderful images in his darkroom; the moment when the image would appear in the developing solution on the previously blank paper was absolutely magical. I knew then that photography would be the career for me. After studying photography at college, I was impatient to throw myself into a life of image making, and have never looked back!

My clients value me for my creativity, easy way with sometimes challenging subjects, and my absolute commitment to reliability and professionalism in every shoot I undertake. The cameras I use are state of the art, and I have a huge range of lighting and peripheral creative equipment which is always available to enhance the most difficult of shooting environments.

I am based in West London, and am regularly commissioned for shoots all over the UK and abroad. If you would like to discuss your requirements, I would be delighted to help.